The Seattle Times Apologizes for Map Mislabeling Mississippi

This map published by the Seattle Times mislabeled Mississippi as Alabama. The newspaper quickly apologized and published a corrected map.

(WKRG) The Seattle Times quickly apologized on social media after a map mislabeling Mississippi as Alabama went viral. The map, which showed the projected path for Hurricane Harvey, was posted by the newspaper on Twitter last week as the storm approached the Texas Gulf Coast.

Readers picked up on the mistake and shared the map across social media platforms.  “Dear @SeattleTimes, I’d like to tell you about a state called Mississippi,” posted Wendy Suares, a news anchor in Oklahoma City who used to work in Jackson, Mississippi.  “Once again those Yankees up North think we are a myth,” wrote Tammy Nelson.

The mistake also caught the attention of a Facebook group called “The Land Mass Between Nola and Mobile.”  The page, which is followed by more than 51,000 people, was created after The Weather Channel caused quite a stir referring to Mississippi as the “land mass between New Orleans and Mobile” during coverage of Hurricane Issac in 2012.

The Seattle Times acknowledged their error in a tweet Friday evening saying “we deleted a previously tweeted map that contained a geographical error. Apologies to our friends in Mississippi & Alabama!”

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