Flood Risk Increases Midweek

Flash Flood Travel
Flash Flood Travel

The News 5 area will get wetter into Wednesday and Thursday.

Jackson County Mississippi and the other coastal Mississippi Counties are under a Flash Flood watch now. Tuesday night, is when a Flash Flood Watch starts for Mobile, Baldwin and George Counties. Other counties may be added to that once it becomes more clear how fast rain enters and falls.

The heaviest rain potential is Tuesday Night through Thursday night. We could get totals of 5-10 inches by Friday but that does not mean all at once. That is also an average, meaning not everyone will see those amounts. It also does not by itself mean that we will definitely have problems. It’s a watch.

In general, expect the highest rain amounts to be in southern Mississippi, south of Highway 98, and then south of I-10 for Mobile and Baldwin Counties, into the Florida Panhandle.

It’s impossible to pinpoint what county or location could get the most rain at this point so all of this may change as it is just an outlook, not a forecast. Be ready. If you live or work in a flood-prone area, have a safety plan. Use your free News 5 weather app to see the radar and any watches or warnings.

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