BREAKING: Armed Robbery in Foley, Suspects on the Loose

UPDATE (4:37 p.m.) — The victim of the armed robbery that took place in Foley Wednesday night has admitted to Foley Police that while visiting friends at Bay Villa apartments, two masked men barged into the residence.

One was armed with a pistol and demanded “property.” The victim later stated they were coming after his weed. He says one of the suspects struck the victim in the back of the head with the pistol before leaving.

They took his lunch box with “unknown items”. Investigators believe it to have contained narcotics.

Police were only called to the scene after neighbors saw the victim sitting outside on the curb bleeding. He was treated at South Baldwin Medical Center for the laceration to his head. No shot was believed to have been fired, but the victim is being uncooperative with the investigation.

He described the two white males wearing camouflage masks. One was tall and skinny with blonde hair and a spider web tattoo on the right arm. He was brandishing what is believed to be a Taurus revolver.

The second suspect was shorter with dark hair and had the name “Bella” on his right forearm.

FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Foley Police confirm that an armed robbery took place Wednesday evening at the Bay Villa apartments in the 300 block of North Bay Street in Foley.

There are two suspects that were involved and are currently on the loose.

The two white males are driving a black sedan. One is armed with a pistol.

According to Foley Police, they believe the robbery is drug related.

There was one victim who suffered a 3-inch laceration to his head.

One of the suspects had a gun and fired a shot into the ground, but did not hit the victim.

A News 5 crew is on the scene gathering more details.



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