Elberta High School Opens in Baldwin County

ELBERTA, Alabama (WKRG) — Elberta High School welcomed students for the first time Monday morning.  The new high school is accommodating roughly 350 students in grades 7-9. As with all new high schools in Baldwin County, one additional grade will be added each year until it reaches a full 7-12 high school.  Students are excited to be part of something new.

“I’m excited about how everything is changing and how we’re going to be a better school,” says ninth grader Jacob Sharp.

Baldwin County School District officials hope the new high school will alleviate some of the overcrowding issues at Foley High School.

Next fall an addition will be added to Elberta High School to accommodate more students.

Elberta High School is not a new building. It was previously Elberta Middle School.  Superintendent Eddie Tyler says the school board hopes to eventually return the building to a middle school.

“Several years down the road we have plans to build a standalone high school” says Tyler.


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