Issues of Importance to Mobile Voters

The municipal election in Mobile is right around the corner. Voters will be asked to choose a mayor and city council.  So what do residents want to see done? News 5 spoke with residents in downtown Mobile to see what they would like the next administration to accomplish.

Almost everyone we spoke with says they would like to see more entertainment options throughout the city.

“I think Mobile needs some more outdoor venues, outdoor concerts, especially when people are downtown. That would be nice,” says Debbie Murphy.

Employment is another topic residents feel is important. Some residents say they believe Mobile has seen growth regarding employment, but they’re concerned about the quality of jobs being brought in.

“I think a lot of these jobs are coming in because we gave them huge tax breaks and subsidies to come here and they’re going to put lower wage jobs around.  Which, we all still need to eat, but we need higher wage jobs to come in,” says Tyler Henderson.

Other residents say they are happy to see Carnival back at the port, but they would like Mobile officials to work with cruise line executives on getting a new ship.

“I love Carnival, but I wish they had a bigger, newer ship.  The port can hold it.  The port can take care of it.  The fantasy is fine, but it’s the oldest ship in the fleet,” says Mary Ann Stanley.

Polls will open at 7 a.m. in Mobile on Tuesday. News 5 is your election headquarters. We’ll have complete coverage of Mobile’s municipal election throughout the day.

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