‘Team Sheriff’ At It Again, Mobile Co. Sheriff’s Office Calls Out for Suspects to Turn Themselves In

(Courtesy: Team Sheriff on Facebook)

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — There’s a Facebook page that has us all entertained, but is still a good source for information by our city’s own local sheriff’s office.

It’s called Team Sheriff, where the posts contain positive stories from the events the Mobile County Sheriff’s deputies are involved in around the county, pictures or videos containing suspects who need to be identified, but best of all, posts asking for wanted suspects to turn themselves in.

Here are some of their most recent posts:

A Mobile County Constable arrested earlier this month for domestic violence failed to show up to court today. Here he is being called out by the Sheriff’s office.

Yesterday, an alleged car theif named Lonnie Odom’s post was shared more than 200 times.

And last but not least, Everett Davis, known for drug trafficking, got a formal dinner invite.

All humor aside, if you know any of these people, please urge them to turn themselves in.

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