How to Spot Legitimate Eclipse Glasses

(CNN) Demand for glasses to watch the historic solar eclipse has skyrocketed, but so have knock-offs. Now one major retailer is giving refunds in advance of this month’s eclipse.

Amazon is taking action. The company is issuing refunds to customers who may have purchased phony solar eclipse glasses. Amazon also removed a few listings on its website. To safely watch the solar eclipse you’ll need a special pair of ultra-dark sunglasses. This prevents permanent eye damage the sun’s rays could cause.

Look for glasses that clearly display the manufacturer’s name. And make sure there’s an ISO icon. But even phony,  and unsafe glasses,  may seem legit and could have the logo.

So before the eclipse try on the glasses. All you should see is the sun, nothing else. And before you buy  go to NASA.GOV and click on the eclipse 2017 hyperlink. There you’ll find a list of approved retailers where you can buy safe glasses.

Many of the glasses are under 5 bucks. And make sure to read up on how to watch the eclipse even with the approved eyewear.

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