Body Cam Video Shows Officer Saving Biker From Fiery Crash

CINCINNATI, OH (WKRG) — Body camera video shows an amazing response from an Ohio officer after a fiery motorcycle crash. Cincinnati police posted the video to their Facebook page with the following information:

On August 8th, 2017 at 5:34 PM, Mr. Roddy Williams of the Cincinnati Police Departments Citizen’s on Patrol Program, discovered an auto accident at the intersection of Warsaw Avenue and Ross Avenue involving a motorcycle engulfed in flames. Mr. Damien Canady was operating the motorcycle when he was involved in a crash. Mr. Canady sustained life threatening injuries during this crash, most notably to his left leg.

Mr. Williams and Officer James Mathews quickly took action carrying Mr. Canady away from the motorcycle and related fire. Once on the sidewalk, Mr. Williams and Officer Mathews rendered lifesaving efforts which included applying pressure to stop Mr. Canady’s excessive bleeding.

The heroic actions taken by Mr. Williams and Officer Mathews were not just brave; they played a key part in preserving the life of Mr. Canady.

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