Missing Alabama Woman Found Alive in the Woods

BULLOCK COUNTY, Alabama (CBS) — An Alabama woman has been found alive after being missing for threes weeks in the woods.

It was 25-year-old Lisa Theris, who had finally made it to safety after weeks of fighting to stay alive to see her family again.

A driver Saturday spotted Theris on the side of Highway 82 between Union Springs and Eufaula.

Deputies say she survived in the woods over three weeks- surviving on berries and mushrooms, and drinking from creeks and puddles.

Deputies say Theris was with Randall Wade Oswald and Manly Davis about the time she disappeared in mid-July.

Sheriff Buck Rodgers says the Louisville woman ran from two men who burglarized a hunting camp in Midway and got lost. Both men have since been questioned in the Theris’ case.

Though they face burglary charges the men have not been legally implicated in the Theris case.

Faulkner says it’s a miracle that Lisa Theris survived.

There are still a lot of questions in the investigation into her disappearance.

As for new information, officials will only say the whole story hasn’t come out.

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