LIVE: Alabama Special Election Results for U.S. Senate

REPUBLICAN RUNOFF: Roy Moore and Luther Strange, AP Projects

  Republican (90% precincts reporting)




 James Beretta (Physician) 0% 966 votes
 Joseph F. Breault (Chaplain) 0% 228 votes
 Randy Brinson (Gastroenterologist) 1% 2,334 votes
 Mo Brooks (U.S. Representative) 20% 75,835 votes
 Dom Gentile 0% 284 votes
 Mary Maxwell (Researcher) 0% 1,418 votes
 Roy Moore (Former Ala. Chief Justice) 39% 151,908 votes RUNOFF
 Bryan Peeples (Business Consultant) 0% 1,397 votes
 Trip Pittman (Ala. State Senator) 7% 25,816 votes
 Luther Strange (Current U.S. Senator) 32% 124,723 votes RUNOFF

DEMOCRATIC WINNER: Doug Jones, AP Projects

  Democratic (88% precincts reporting)




 Will Boyd 5% 7,393 votes
 Vann Caldwell 1% 1,046 votes
 Jason E. Fisher 2% 3,128 votes
 Michael Hansen (Environmentalist) 7% 9,925 votes
 Doug Jones (Former U.S. Attorney) 64% 87,276 votes PROJECTED
 Robert Kennedy Jr. (Navy Veteran) 19% 26,163 votes
 Brian McGee  1% 1,281 votes
 Charles Nana  1% 1,224 votes

(9 p.m.) — Sen. Luther Strange and former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore are headed to a Republican primary runoff to fill the U.S. Senate seat previously held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The two men, who represent different factions within the Alabama Republican Party, will face off in a Sept. 26 runoff.

Strange was appointed to the Senate seat in February by the state’s then governor. He was unable to escape a runoff despite being buoyed by an endorsement by President Donald Trump.

Moore harnessed his support among evangelical voters to secure a spot in the runoff. A judicial discipline panel twice removed Moore from his duties as chief justice.

The runoff winner will face the Democratic nominee in a Dec. 12 election.

(8:45 p.m.) — Doug Jones, a lawyer and former U.S. attorney under the Clinton administration, has won the Democratic primary in Alabama for U.S. Senate

Jones was the victor in a crowded field of Democrats vying for the Senate seat previously held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He will face the Republican winner in a Dec. 12 election.

Jones is perhaps best known for leading the prosecution of two Klansmen for the 1963 bombing of a Birmingham church that killed four little girls.

While Alabama has not been represented by a Democrat in the U.S. Senate in 20 years, Jones has said Democrats must not concede the seat without a fight. He says Democrats can win if they can turn the conversation to “kitchen table issues” such as wages, health care and jobs.

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