Inflatable “Trump Rat” Seen in New York City

New York, NEW YORK (CBS) –  An inflatable rat resembling U.S. President Donald Trump ballooned up at a busy street corner in New York on Monday, August 14.

The 15-foot (4.5 meter) inflatable is the brainchild of gallery owner John Post Lee, who started a crowd funding campaign to raise $8,000 to commission the project.

“Castigat Ridendo Mores’ is Latin for ‘Ridicule corrects morals.’ And I believe that art, given certain scale and certain types of thought processes can be an effective way to change the world maybe a little bit,” Lee told Reuters.

The inflatable is designed by artist Jeffrey Beebe and is made by a company in Ohio. It has a long rat tail, confederate flag cufflinks and a Russian Federation lapel pin. On Monday it took over the corner of 59th street and Fifth Avenue, a few blocks away from Trump Tower.

Inflatable rats, or union rats, are commonly used in the United States by workers protesting against their employers or against non-union contractors.

Trump is expected to return to Trump Tower later on Monday for a three day visit.

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