First Day Of School: Santa Rosa County, Faith Academy, Bayside Academy

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) Students are returning to the classroom for the first day of school in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

The start of school comes four days after the Santa Rosa County School board unanimously approved teacher pay raises proposed by the school district’s superintendent over a proposal supported by the teachers’ union.  The controversial decision upset many teachers who had hoped for a larger raise.

“I personally don’t feel like the issue should exist, said Latricia Laurant, a sixth grade teacher at Avalon Middle School. “You should take care of your teachers.”

Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick defended his proposal ahead of last week’s vote sending the following statement to News 5: “As superintendent, I am responsible for developing a budget that meets the needs of students. This is and will always be my greatest concern. Balancing the needs of students with appropriate pay for employees is a difficult task while revenue from the legislature continues to be scarce. Students will always be our highest priority.”

In addition to Santa Rosa County students, it is also the first day of school for students at Baldwin County’s Bayside Academy and Faith Academy in Mobile.

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