Alabama Attorney General Addresses Alabama’s Ranking as 10th Most Dangerous State in America

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is troubled that Alabama ranks tenth in the most dangerous states in America in regards to violent crime.  The Attorney General is referring to a list published in November by 24/7 Wall St.

“We have a statistic that we’re not proud of that we’re tenth in the nation in violent crime.  That is something from a law enforcement perspective that we’re doing everything we can to keep communities safe,” says Marshall.

News 5 spoke with residents in downtown Mobile who had differing responses to the rankings.

“Alabama is a state I thought traditionally was conservative and that we didn’t have a lot of problems like other cities and states does,” said one Mobile man.

“We see it all day every day on the news. Every time we watch it we see stuff going on; murders, carjacking, robberies. [I’m] kind of scared to even walk the streets,” said another man.

In Mobile, residents have seen a number of violent crimes over the past few weeks. It’s something residents describe as a trend.  Attorney General Marshall says part of the solution will be connecting law enforcement agencies with the people they patrol.  He says his office is working on coming up with new ways to do that.

“We’ll continue to have that discussion around the state of Alabama including Mobile about how we engage community members along with law enforcement to make sure we’re pursuing that same mission of keeping community members safe,” Marshall says.

The state Attorney General’s Office says Birmingham will be part of a pilot program with the Department of Justice in a study of how to reduce violent crime in the community. If successful in Birmingham, the practices implemented will be shared with communities across the state.


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