Caught on Camera: Car Plunges From Parking Garage

Courtesy: Austin Police Department

AUSTIN, Texas (WKRG) — A driver is expected to be okay after plunging from a 7th floor parking garage in Austin, Texas.

Surveillance video released by the Austin Police Department shows a Chevy Tahoe driving on a street next to the garage. Out of nowhere, a BMW falls into frame, hitting the ground and bouncing against the Tahoe.

The incident happened on July 13, but police just released the video on Thursday.

The driver of the Tahoe had just begun to pull forward, which prevented the BMW from landing right on top of it.

“My window was down and I heard something really loud and abnormal, so I just started driving forward and the vehicle landed on the backside of the Tahoe,” William Burch said.

The woman in the BMW was hospitalized, but police expect her to be okay. They say she hit the gas instead of the brake and plowed through the cable wires that form a barrier along the edge of the garage.

“‘Luckily you were moving forward or else it would have landed right on top of you,'” Burch says an officer told him.

The parking garage had been cited for a similar incident last September. In that incident, the cables wrapped around a car’s front axle, preventing it from plunging but leaving it dangling over the edge.

Code enforcement officials with the city have said they will urge the owner of the garage to install concrete barriers instead of the cable wires.

The parking garage owner released the following statement when the accident happened:

We regret the unfortunate accident that happened today in our garage and are thankful that no lives were lost.

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