Woman Searches For Dog After Fire

BAY MINETTE, AL – (WKRG) Just two days after a fire rips through a Bay Minette woman’s home, she’s left searching for one thing close to her heart.

“I was just getting back on my feet and  I lost everything,” said Tammy Lawley.

Lawley says her mother’s dog was staying with her Tuesday night and woke her up around 8 pm. When she discovered the flames, she left the home on Brown Road in Whitehouse Fork.

“I opened the door and called for my puppies and none of them cause except her and the cat ran out. I went back in and couldn’t go very far ’cause of the flames,” said Lawley.

While her cat “Tubby” and her mother’s dog “Maggie” ran out, her Chihuahua and Yorkie were left behind. Firefighters were able to recover “Maraca” who suffered burns on her stomach.  But her Yorkie, “Sophia,” remains missing.

“I got very sick and I was in the hospital 9 months and they brought her to me every weekend. She was right with me through the bad, bad times.”

Both Lawley and her daughter believe the missing Yorkie is in the home. With the help of family and friends, they plan to search the debris on Friday. Lawley’s family and friends have set up several “Go Fund Me” accounts to help her rebuild her life and pay for her dog’s veterinarian bills. You can find a link below. She says the vet turned down treatment for her chihuahua that was injured because she couldn’t afford the bills.


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