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6:56 A.M. – As our Thursday in commute continues to roll on, we still look good on the Bayway and Causeway so far this morning and problem-free through the tunnels. No issues on I-10 headed Eastbound from Rangeline Road to I-65.  We have seen some patchy fog out here and of course extra caution through those school zones and watch out for those school buses but so far through Mobile we’re accident-free. On the Panhandle we still look good.  We had a little shower earlier so what driving conditions through downtown but Pensacola police reporting no accidents.

6:37 A.M. –  As more and more people are waking up and getting out on the roadways here on this Thursday, traffic volume has picked up but we still have some patchy fog in the Mobile area that’s affecting areas like I-65.  So have those headlights on low beam and careful through those school zones and watch out for those school buses.  But so far in the Mobile area, right now we’re accident-free without any problems according to Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol. The Bayway and Causeway flowing along nicely without any issues and along the Panhandle moving along smoothly there as well.

6:10 A.M.-Good news our earlier accidents there in the Mobile area have been cleared including the one there on the causeway in front of Addsco Road. No more delay there. We’re looking good on the Bayway and Causeway and through the tunnels at the moment. In Mobile, Mobile Police reporting no new accidents, Alabama Highway Patrol not telling us of any issues. On the Panhandle we’re also accident-free but in downtown Pensacola Bayou street is closed this week between Stanley and Lee Street as they do some storm drainage replacement.

5:55 A.M.-We’re still seeing some delays on the eastbound Causeway there at the intersection of Addsco Road near the entrance to Austal.  We had an earlier two vehicle accident that involved injuries and emergency vehicles are still on the scene including a wrecker. They’re trying to get it cleared but this might be one of those few mornings that eastbound we tell you use the Bayway instead of the Causeway. We’re looking good actually on the bay-way both directions no issues through either of the tunnels.  Mobile police working an accident there on Airport Boulevard at Bel Air Drive or moving along well through Baldwin County and no accidents on the Panhandle .

5:35 A.M.-We begin your Thursday morning commute with that accident on the eastbound Causeway near the intersection of addsco Road there near the entrance of Austal.  Continue to expect some delays this accident did involve injuries but a wrecker is now on the scene along with emergency vehicles.  You’ll want to probably use the Bayway this morning headed eastbound looking good both directions on the Beltway no problems through the tunnels in Mobile a new fender bender airport at Bel-air Boulevard there in front of the mall and no accidents right now on the Panhandle.

5:06 A.M.- We begin your Thursday with an accident on the causeway at the intersection of Addsco Road (that’s near the entrance to Austal).  It does involve injuries and emergency vehicles and Mobile police are on the scene so don’t use the causeway for the moment. The Bayway though is flowing along fine, use that instead. No problems right now through either of the tunnels. In the actual Mobile area, Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol reporting no accidents. We’re looking good right now along the Panhandle with no trouble spots there as well.

News 5’s Traffic Reporter Kenny Fowler.

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