Former Alabama governor Don Siegelman speaks after six years in prison

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — “You know God’s message came through real clear. You know what’s wrong, now fix it. So I plan to spend the rest of my life or as long as it takes, fighting to balance the scales of justice,” reflected former Alabama governor Don Siegelman in an interview with Sherri Jackson.

Siegelman was just released from parole yesterday, and is telling his story in his words only to WKRG’s sister station CBS 42.

It’s an interview our team secured after repeatedly being denied by the Federal Bureau of Prisons the opportunity to interview the former governor, who maintains his prosecution was a political hit.

When politics led to prison, Siegelman made it clear from behind bars he was a political prisoner. Now after six years in Louisiana prison, including solitary confinement after guards caught him trying to tell his story to a radio station, and repeated denials by the prison warden for CBS 42 to interview him behind bars, we sit down for a one on one, no holds barred conversation with Don Siegelman that lasted over two hours.

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