BREAKING: Joe Biden Endorses Doug Jones for Senate

Courtesy: Doug Jones for Senate (Facebook)

(WKRG) — In a recorded statement sent out Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden encouraged Alabama voters to support Doug Jones for U.S. Senate.

The statement says:

“In the Special Election for United State Senate on Tuesday [August 15], I’m asking you to vote for my friend Doug Jones. Doug has spent his entire life fighting for justice. He was the man after the 1963 church bombings that would not let it rest until he found the killers of those four young girls – and he eventually found justice – prosecuting and jailing those Klansmen nearly 40 years later.

He’ll take that same energy and drive and fight for you and your families in the Senate – for a higher minimum wage, for fair, affordable health care, for good schools for all our kids.

Doug Jones will make a great U.S. Senator so please make sure you get out and vote on Tuesday – and I’m hoping you’ll vote for my friend, Doug Jones.”


The campaign says it is deeply thankful and honored to have Vice President Biden’s support. Former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones said, “I have known and respected Joe Biden for decades. He is the epitome of what we all hope public service can be – thoughtful, kind, human and effective. Louise and I are so appreciative of his friendship and support.”

Democrat, Doug Jones, is a former U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Alabama. He was appointed by President Bill Clinton. He is best known for the prosecution of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing.

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