Baldwin County Could Be Home For New Mazda-Toyota Plant

Baldwin County could be home to a major automobile manufacturing facility.
Today, Toyota and Mazda confirmed they will partner to build a new plant in the U.S., likely to focus on electric vehicles and possibly self-driving vehicles.

The plant will cost $16 billion dollars to construct and would employ 4,000 people.

The Wall Street Journal says Alabama is among eleven states in the running and Baldwin County’s Mega-site could be Alabama’s preferred site. It’s 3,000 acres right off I-65 and Highway 287. It’s served by rail and the entire site is publicly owned.

“It’s the beginning of the process. We are in the conversation because we have the property that is able to handle a site like that and we are excited about the opportunity. This is what we have been pursuing since we started the Mega-site process and we are excited to go try and sell Baldwin County and coastal Alabama to Toyota and Mazda,” said Baldwin County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey.

Dorsey says Huntsville, where Toyota currently has an engine plant, is another location Alabama could pitch.

It should be about 9 months before we know if Alabama is a finalist and if the Baldwin County Mega-site is the preferred location.

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