Live Traffic Blog

6:11 A.M. – As you wake up and starting to plan your morning commute we’ve had a new accident occurred on the west side Highway 98 at Schillinger Road. It’s a hit-and-run crash and Highway Patrol is headed to the scene. Beyond that we’re looking good coming down I-65, no problems through the tunnels. Bayway and Causeway flowing along nicely. Mobile police reporting no accidents and we’re still looking good in the Pensacola area according to Pensacola Police and Florida Highway Patrol.

6:39 A.M. – Well the sun is up as is many people who are preparing their morning commute and so far we look good on the Bayway and Causeway without any accidents or delays. Both directions flowing along nicely from the Eastern Shore into Mobile. Both tunnels also looking good as well. Highway Patrol on the scene of a fender bender; Highway 98 at Schillinger Road but no other accidents according to Mobile police. We’re still looking goot along the Panhandle according to Florida Highway Patrol.

6:51 A.M. – Back to school for many of the students throughout Mobile County so extra caution through those school zones as you get up and going here on your Wednesday. Moving on well though on the Bayway and Causeway as traffic volume already picked up. No problems through either of the tunnels. Alabama Highway Patrol  on the scene of an accident Highway 98 at Schillinger Road, that was a hit and run crash. No problems coming down I-65 right now and still no trouble spots along the Panhandle.

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