Giant Inflatable Chicken Placed Near White House

WASHINGTON D.C. (CBS, KRON) — To say that Taran Singh Brar isn’t pleased with President Trump’s first 200 days in office would be an understatement.

The California native used one word to describe the leader of the free world: Chicken.

Brar went as far to request a permit of an inflatable chicken, with Trump-like hair, to sit directly behind the oval office. “He’s playing chicken with North Korea” Brar told CBS News.

President Trump put North Korea on notice Tuesday by threatening “fire and fury” if the country continues to threaten missile strikes.

“Yeah I brought the chicken out here to make a statement almost like a visual, political protest to critique the Presidents behavior. He’s too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Putin and he’s playing a game of Chicken with North Korea. We’re out here to make a mockery of that in an individual way. I am personally doing this on my own, my name is Taran Singh Brar, I am an activist and my goal is to have whats called a chicken march, ” Brar said.

Brar hopes to lead a “chicken march” in protest against the President and his foreign policies. For now, he’s witnessing people enjoy the giant ornament outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Trump-like poultry in Washington, D.C. Back in April, the “Trump chicken” was introduced during the Tax March.

President Trump is not currently at the White House. He is on vacation in New Jersey.

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