Study: Fewer and Fewer High School Students Playing Football

(WIAT) — A new study shows participation in high school football is down across the country.

According to a survey from the National Federation of State High School Associations, the number of kids playing football dropped nationwide by more than 25,000 last year.

Coaches say the lower numbers could be because of a number of factors ranging from lower school enrollment to children losing focus on one sport.

“There’s kids that are playing, specializing in one or two sports, and especially one sport athletes,” says a Wisconsin Head football coach TOny Servals. “There’s a lot of one-sport athletes that we’re fighting here at our school. That might be different at different schools, but we’ve got a lot of guys concentrating on one sport.”

Coaches say they don’t think the fear of getting hurt factors into most kids’ decisions not to play since they feel many improvements have been made to increase safety.

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