First Day of School Preps in Escambia County

Escambia Co. Fla. (WKRG) — The hallways, classrooms, and little desks are empty right now, but in one classroom, dozens of teachers are still training to get ready for the school year.

“In a lot of ways, I think of myself as still being a student, because we are still learning as we go along,” says elementary school teacher Daniel Campbell.

Today, these teachers are the students, learning the tools to help their classes through the year.

“This past week, I’ve been going to trainings at my school and other schools, and getting information on how to better run my classroom,” says elementary school teacher Maggie Oswald.

“The week before school, I feel like I have been living in my classroom, there are all these ideas that I have been going through all summer, and I’ve jotted them down, and I have some classroom ideas, and implementing them,” says elementary school teacher Kristina Deumas.

While parents may be busy looking for those last minute school supplies, teachers are making sure the classroom is prepared for the first day of school.

“These last two weeks, I’ve been like it’s coming up got to make sure I’m getting ready,” says school teacher Montana Snyder.

“Also rearranging furniture, and making sure everything is set, and I have all my supplies, just like you have a supply list I have a supply list too,” says Oswald.

So learning the essentials of classroom organization with a little fun and a lot of wisdom.

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