Online petition aims to remove uniforms from Mobile county public schools


MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – A petition circulating on social media is taking aim at school uniforms in Mobile public schools.  Addressed to MCPSS superintendent Martha Peek, as well as the members of the school board and the Executive Director of Student Support Services, the petition has been signed by nearly 3,700 people.

The petition begins by offering different reasons why uniforms create problems for students, saying, “The uniform policy does not allow free self-expression for students in many schools, uniforms do not help with bullying and can even lead to an increase in violent attacks.”

The petition also argues uniforms do not help improve grades, attendance, or county wide test results.

As of 3 PM on Sunday afternoon, this article on our Facebook page had reached nearly 100,000 people.  There’s been 100’s of comments, reactions, and shares on the post.

Some of the comments agree with the petition, saying uniforms keep students from being able to express themselves.  Some disagree with the petition, a teacher saying the uniforms help her keep track of her kids when they’re on field trips.

We reached out to the Mobile County Public School System for a comment, here is what they had to say.

We are not considering changing our uniform policy.  We also hear from parents throughout the year who support school uniforms. They like the fact that you can buy uniforms at a low cost and many say it makes getting ready for school in the mornings easier as students know what they are supposed to wear.  Uniforms can also help in the area of student safety. And by wearing uniforms, students look professional as we are preparing them to be college and career ready.

If you’d like to read the petition, you can click here.

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