Good Sport: Wade Vadakin is BayBears baseball

MOBILE, Ala. – “I pretty much always loved sports, and baseball is where it all started.”

For 20 years, Wade Vadakin has been a part of the Mobile BayBears organization. He’s done a little bit of everything for the team, but he’s at home on the field. Just don’t call him the bat boy.

“Get old, be here long enough, still collect bats, you tend to lose the batboy stigma. And since you don’t want to get sued by DC Comics or Warner Bros., you get the title of Director of On Deck Circle Operations. You can’t really be bat man,” said Vadakin.

And in his two decades as the Director of On Deck Circle Operations, Wade has had a front row seat as some of the game’s biggest stars started their career.

“There are a bunch of different guys over the years that have really stood out, that have been awesome individuals,” said Vadakin.

Wade has become a staple of the BayBears organization, if you’ve been to a game I’m sure you’ve seen him, he’s hard to miss after the team scores a run.

“Ride the bat back like a bull, like what Adam Sandler did in Happy Gilmore,” said Vadakin with a smile.

What started as a conversation between Wade and a few of the guys years ago, has become his signature celebration.

“No Wade, from now on you have to do it every time we score, every run. So that’s how that came to be, every run, ride the bull.”

20 years and counting for Wade and the BayBears, it’s been a dream come true.

“No growing up, no I never thought this could be possible as a kid.”

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