Tropical Disturbance Heads to Yucatan

tropical disturbance
tropical disturbance

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – A strong tropical disturbance, known as an invest (investigation) is in the Caribbean off the northeast coast of Honduras. It is likely to become a tropical depression, or maybe a tropical storm before reaching the Yucatan the next day and a half.

While the disturbance has no circulation, if any is detected on satellite, it would become a tropical depression. The USAF Reserve hurricane hunters are scheduled to fly into the storm tomorrow and investigate it further. Regadless of whether it forms a circulation or not, the disturbance will take heavy rain to the Yucatan Peninsula. It may continue across the Yucatan and end up in the southern Gulf in the middle of next week, where it may or may not be a tropical depression or tropical storm.

There’s a second disurbance, in the central Atlantic, east of the Caribbean. It has a medium chance of growing into a depression or tropical storm in the next several days as it heads toward the Caribbean

The First Alert Storm Team is watching for any threats but neiither of these is one for our area. Stay tuned to WKRG.COM and keep up with the First Alert Storm Team on social media for the latest updates.


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