Caught on Camera: Teacher Arguing With Border Control Agent

NEW MEXICO (WKRG) – Video showing an argument between a US teacher and a border control agent at an immigration inspection point in New Mexico after she refuses to say whether she is a citizen has gone viral provoking debate and reaction online.

The clip shot by Shane Parmely on July 21 which has now been viewed over eight million times shows her refusing to answer the guards and citing her objections to the question.

Parmely also asks the guards whether she would have the same issues if she was a different skin color or had an accent, stating that her friends have faced discrimination in the past at these kinds of check points.

Parmely told Reuters the reaction online has been mixed with some thanking her for standing up to the border patrol guards, while others have stated she should have been punished by the guards.

Local media cited a statement by the border patrol saying they may detain a driver for a reasonable amount of time until they can determine immigration status and that their policy is to treat all individuals with respect.

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