Apartment Residents Not Surprised At Arson Arrest

arson arrest jarrod thomas in police car

When asked if he felt bad about setting fire to a Mobile apartment complex, this is what Jarrod Thomas had to say.

“No, not really cause they all could be criminals, they could be in the same spot I’m in, you know they can get a nice bed in jail tonight.

And when asked why he did it…

“Um, just being myself really,” says Thomas.

…He says he was just being himself. And then alluded to the fact the blaze might have been over a girl. We asked him if it was worth it.

“Umm, probably. Probably.”

Thomas obviously showing no remorse as he was escorted to a patrol car Saturday afternoon. Folks we spoke with at the Crossings at Pine Brook Apartments say they aren’t surprised at this kind of behavior.

“There been a lot of car break ins and junk, there has just been too much going on and now that they have a 22-year-old guy that set this apartment building, you could have killed a lot of people. There is just too much going on, we need more security over here,” says tenant Veronica Willis.

Ginger Marston tells us many of the people displaced were homeless and placed in these apartments by Housing First, including herself.

“Yeah we’ve had people breaking into apartments stealing flat screen tv’s, it’s terrible, it’s bad. If I had a choice I wouldn’t be here, but you know, there’s nothing that we can do,” says Marston.

Meanwhile, you won’t be hearing an apology from the man who set the fire anytime soon. He says he isn’t sorry for setting the fire. We asked him if there was anything else he wanted to say.

“Um, God bless I guess,” says Thomas.

We understand the victims of this fire have been placed in shelters tonight and they have received care packages.

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