Two Tropical Disturbances in Atlantic

2 tropical disturbances in the Atlantic on August 3, 2017

There are two tropical disturbances in the Atlantic- a weak one off the coast of Venezuela, and a moderate one off the coast of Africa. Both are moving westward. Neither one is likely to become much stronger in the next two days.

The disturbance near Venezuela may drift into the southern Gulf, with a medium chance of forming into a tropical depression.

The disturbance off of Africa is likely to become a tropical storm or maybe even a hurricane, within the next 5 days. If it does, it would still be in the central Atlantic. At that distance, it would be no threat to our region. Long range wind flow patterns would likely carry that disturbance north of the Caribbean.

Hurricane season peaks in early September (and runs through November) so expect to see disturbances, weekly in the Atlantic. Always have a plan for the threat of tropical weather here, using the resources of and remember you can track any depression or named storm on your free News 5 weather app.

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