Scambuster: Cable Company Flyer


“I came home for lunch on my lunch break, my office is only about three miles away,” says Colin Stewart.

Colin Stewart came home to this flyer on his front porch. It looks like it’s from Comcast saying you’ve been disconnected. But Colin was suspicious.

“Comcast doesn’t do this if you owe them money, they just cut you off!”

So he called Comcast who said he didn’t owe anything, and that they don’t know who would have left the flyer.

“We want to keep you as a customer and want to know if you’d like your service restored. I can get your service restored today, and then it says we can “hold” a check till payday while you watch tv tonight,” says Stewart.

“So that in and of itself is suspicious cause you’re either disconnected or you’re still connected and if you’re disconnected, is he there to reconnect your service or is he there to collect the bill or pick up the equipment?” says Sgt. Keith Miller of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Stewart says his first thought when he saw the flyer….

“This is a scam! And then the second thing I thought was my 85-year-old grandmother who lives next door, what’s going to happen if she gets one of these in her fence?”

Experts say be wary of fliers like these if you’re not expecting one, and even if you are, still be on guard.

Miller says the best thing to do if you’re unsure, is to call your cable provider and ask them about it.

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