Mobile County Teachers Getting Geared Up for School Year

Mobile County has the largest school system in the state. 43-hundred people going to classrooms Tuesday are teachers in the county school system. We’ve been able to catch up with some of them as they get things sorted for the school year. Many of them have been working hard to get classrooms ready for the first day.  We talked with some public and private school teachers about the challenges parents should know about on day one.  “School has become more of a social event, it needs to be come more about the academics so they have a foundation to go back on when they get older,” says teacher Michael Walters.

Teacher Allie Norton told us what she does to get ready, “your classroom, getting everything you need in your classroom, getting your lesson plans together and making it fun.  

For Chris Roberts, also a teacher, safety is important, “I think it’s important for kids to be there on the very first day of school, I think it starts from day one, I think it starts from day one and sets a good precedent for them to make sure they’re there and ready to learn.”

Teachers say getting a routine is important on the first day of school. Some argue the first day of school is just as important as a test day.


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