Mobile County Expands Alternative Schools For 2017

Mobile County is expanding it’s alternative school program to cover students at the elementary level. Alternative school is designed for students that may have behavioral or other problems that prevent them from working well in a traditional school setting. There are three alternative school locations in Mobile County this year.  School officials say expanding the program will help ease strain on other schools while helping more kids transition back to traditional programs, “ to help those students get on track it will be a smaller learning environment and they will bring in counselors and others and help those students get themselves on track and have a more personalized education plan” says Alvin Daily, Principal of the Pathway:

Alternative schools will be housed in three different schools around around Mobile county.  The programs could have more than 100 students in their first semester, “we want them to know they’re going to be safe and someone cares about them but we also don’t expect them to stay there we want them to transition,” says William Smith, Principal of High School Alt. School:



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