“It’s Not Up to Me” Alabama Attorney General on Releasing Body Camera Footage

It’s been one month since the City of Mobile requested an opinion from the Alabama Attorney General’s Office regarding the release of body camera footage.  Attorney General Steve Marshall says his office has not yet processed the request and it could be months before an opinion comes down.

While in Mobile Wednesday, Marshall said his office will look at the legality of releasing footage, but he does not believe it is for him to decide what individual departments do.

“I don’t believe I need to dictate what the policy of individual chiefs are as long as they are complying with the law,” says Attorney General Steve Marshall.

Mobile has been using body cameras for two years.  In that time they have never released body camera footage to the public.  Some departments across Alabama will at request.  Marshall says regardless of his office’s decision, it will likely be up to individual departments on if they wish to release body camera footage or not.

“It’s a discussion that we’ll have, but again we’ll answer the question as a matter of law but still allow for individual chiefs and sheriffs to be able to dictate their own policy within those guidelines,” says Marshall.

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