Coyotes Eating Pets in the Springhill Community

This seems like a problem you would hear about in a rural area, but people in the Springhill area of Mobile say coyotes are feasting on their pets. Just this summer, fifteen cats and several small dogs have vanished in the Llanfair subdivision. The coyotes have also been spotted and trapped in several neighborhoods in Springhill.

Katie McCarter lives in the Llanfair subdivision. In the last month and a half, she has lost 3 cats, the latest one this past Sunday night. She heard her Persian cat, Pearl, being killed by a coyote. “I heard the cat scream. It was like a death scream. I have heard it a couple of times.” She showed News 5 claw marks going up and down her fence, where she believes a coyote climbed into her yard and dragged her cat back over the six-foot fence. There are piles of fur in her yard where the cat was snatched. ” I hope people aren’t afraid to go in their backyards at night. This is a great neighborhood. I hope we can start enjoying the outdoors again at night.” McCarter believes the coyotes are living in the overgrown stormwater ditch behind her house. The ditch snakes through Springhill, and neighbors believe it’s become a perfect pathway for the coyotes to travel.  Neighbors say they have had a difficult time getting the city workers to clear the drain.

Bonnie Owen set up a game camera after her neighbors’ cats and a dog disappeared.  She lives on Llewelyn Court in Llanfair. Night after night, she captured the animals on camera. She hired a wildlife specialist who caught two of them. She spent over a thousand dollars trying rid her property of them, but it was nearly impossible. She says, “They look similar to a German Shephard, have long legs,  and are vicious-looking.”

Wildlife officials have told people in Springhill that the animals are here to stay. They blame recent clearing of natural habitat to make room for development,  for the presence of the animals in Springhill. The animals have been displaced. They recommend bringing your pets and your pet’s good inside at night.

The City of Mobile Animal Control Department does not respond to any wildlife calls.

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