Are Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School?

 More kids go to Mobile County Schools than any other public school system in the state of Alabama. Last year more than 58-thousand students went to mobile county schools every day. That’s nearly eight percent of all public school kids in Alabama.  The first day of school is usually crowded with children on their way to class.  

A lot of young learners are ready to get back in the classroom and catch up with their friends including Hunter Tillman who’s looking forward to school and “meting friends and seeing everybody and seeing our classes because every year is different.” Student Bailey Fisher, is not quite so ready, “I’m tired because I have to wake up so early and I’m not ready for school to start because I just love summer.”

But Jackie Montoya is ready to get back into the routine, “everyone’s nice, you get to see people smile, you smile.” Drivers should remember school buses will be out there and many Mobile County school buses are equipped with stop-arm cameras for drivers who don’t stop.  


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