Tracking the Tropics; Two Areas of Interest

The month of July is almost over which means we will soon be approaching the usual peak of Hurricane Season. For the most part the tropics have been quiet as of late, but we are watching two areas of interest.

One of those areas is actually relatively close to us. The cool front that came through last night to give us our drop in humidity might be the spark for a potential low pressure in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. If a low were to form it would occur around the Big Bend of Florida or close to Tampa, FL. With its proximity to land, if it were to form, it is very unlikely it would become anything significant. Due to this, this area only has a 20% chance of developing within 2 days and a 30% chance of developing overall.

The second area we are watching is in the far reaches of the Atlantic. There is an area of disorganized thunderstorms moving into the central Atlantic. This area of interest isn’t likely to form within 3 days and overall it has a 30% chance of developing within 5 days. Even if this area were to develop it is still well away from the United States and poses no threat. As we continue through this Hurricane Season make sure you stay tuned to News 5 and the First Alert Storm Team. We will have the latest updates on-air, online, and through social media.

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