Good Sport: Tony Ruggiero shaping the future of golf

Tony Ruggiero is one of the countries best golf coaches.

If you’re  looking to improve you golf game, or your child is showing promise in the game of golf, you might seek out this week’s Good Sport, Tony Ruggiero.

Tony has been named by Golf Digest as one of the Top 100 teaching professionals in the United States.

“We help develop every aspect of the game, build them a solid, fundamental golf swing, it’s not real gimmicky or  tricked up with all kinds of technology, we build the solid fundamentals and we help coach all parts of their game.” said Ruggiero.

He’s coaching, or has coached, top high school and college players, as well as PGA players like Smylie Kaufman, Robby Shelton and Zack Sucher, to name a few.

The latest feather in his cap, is one of his current students, Mobile’s Steven Settestrom, has qualified for the U.S. Amateur, along with former student Wesley Hunter. Fairhope’s Alex Green is also going to the U.S. Amateur field.

“It’s fun watching guys like Steven, who’s worked hard, Wesley Hunter, I’ve taught these guys for a long time, watch and see them work hard, a lot of people don’t think of them as the elite players, right, but the keep working hard and they know the improve in all aspects of their game, and now they’re some of the best amateur players in the country,” said Ruggiero.

And Tony’s Dew Sweepers performance academy is teaching players to be better, ladies and gentlemen.

“We’ve created a culture of Dew Sweepers out there that really care about each other, push each other, and all try to help each other, whether it’s Robby helping Steven, Wesley helping Steven, or Steven helping Wesley, whatever, I mean, everybody’s pulling for each other,” said Ruggiero.


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