Rare Tiger Cub Makes Public Debut

Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China (CBS) — A 40-day-old South China Tiger cub made its public debut at Hangzhou Safari Park in east China’s Zhejiang Province on Friday.

The cub is the second South China Tiger to be bred in the park since 2015.

However, it has been rejected by its mother days after it was born. Breeders now have to feed it and imitate the mother’s movement.

“We imitate the feeling like its mother’s raising it, for example the mother licking it with her tongue. We use hands to imitate that, to help the cub digest,” said a breeder.

The South China Tiger is even rarer than China’s giant pandas, being extinct in the wild and only having 132 left in captivity.

According to the park, almost all the South China Tigers are related by blood, so it is not easy to breed one artificially.

“Compared with Siberian tigers and other kinds of tigers, it was weak when it was born. We have people watching it round the clock, including its food, weight gain, body temperature and it’s status while doing activities,” said Ma Jinghua, manager with animal management department at the park.

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