Infant Injured In Wilmer House Fire Released From Hospital

The two-month old injured in July 25’s house fire in Wilmer has been released from USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital.  Baby Tucker was being treated for smoke inhalation and burns to the top of his head.  The situation has been difficult for Tucker’s mother, Abreanna Turner Moore.

“It was heartbreaking. I didn’t even go the first night because I just couldn’t see him like that,” she says.

Doctors expect Tucker to be just fine.  He will need to have a few follow-up visits to get the burns on his head checked.  Tucker’s grandmother, Sue Turner, blames herself for Tucker’s injuries. She lit the grill and left it unattended. The grill caught fire causing the propane tank to explode and ignite the rest of the home.

“I walked past him and left him laying in his baby thing to go see if it was really on fire like my husband said. And then when I got outside I couldn’t get back in to get him out.  So I feel like it’s my fault,” says Turner.

The Turners are now focusing on moving forward. Their home is a total loss. They are now in the process of purchasing a trailer to put on their property in Wilmer.  The family thanks the community for all the support and donations.

“If it wasn’t for the community right now, we really wouldn’t know what to do,” says Abreanna Turner Moore.

Donations can be dropped off at Georgetown Assembly of God on Wilmer Georgetown Road.  You can also donate monetarily here.

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