Watch: “Butt Crack Bandit” Caught on Camera, Video Could “Crack” the Case

A man swipes a package off a woman’s doorstep in California. But her home security camera caught the thief in action, in more ways than one.

“It’s kind of funny when you think about it, risking all this for dog food,” says Cherish Clinton, the theft victim from Salinas California,  “the postman delivered the mail at 5:17.”

But when she got home there was no package in sight, “Then I thought wait a minute, I have those cameras so I looked at the camera, I could see the postman deliver it.” From her smartphone, Clinton watched as her home security camera caught the postman dropping off the package.  About an hour later someone else shows up and swipes it from her porch.

“At first I was shocked. I went oh my God in broad daylight! How could that happen,” says Clinton. But her camera exposed the thief in more than one way, “and then when I saw him bend over, I thought it was kind of funny. He was baring his rear end.”

Salinas police say package thefts like these are becoming a problem. But the number of homeowners who have surveillance like Clinton’s is also on the rise, helping them catch the thieves in no time.

“They noticed that when they blew up the picture, he had a Patriot Motorcycle Club T-shirt on and then an emblem on the hat that they recognized, so they thought that that might be a way to find this guy,” said Clinton

Those clues, caught on camera, could be just what police need, to crack this case.

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