Capital Murder Charge Dropped in Kenneth Hood Dismemberment Case

Carolyn Hood

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — It’s been almost a year since Carolyn Hood was indicted on capital murder charges and set to go on trial in the death of her husband but, not anymore.

“It’s not every day you get a capital murder dismissed for any reason.” Defense attorney Jeremiah Giles believes it was a stretch from the beginning. Carolyn Hood, wheelchair bound and in failing health was wheeled into a Baldwin County courtroom last year, charged with capital murder in the death of her husband Kenneth. “I thought it was evident at the very beginning that the administration in the district attorneys office, Hallie Dixon, was really, really grasping at straws.”

Capital murder charges against Carolyn Hood have now been dropped. “We just determined there was not sufficient evidence to go forward,” says Baldwin County Assistant District Attorney Teresa Heinz.


It was a grisly crime. 87-year-old Kenneth Hood was bludgeoned to death inside his Foley home. His step-son William Minton accused of cutting up Hood’s body and scattering it in creeks south of Magnolia Springs. Minton telling investigators at the time that Hood “always wanted to be buried at sea”. “It’s one of those cases that is intriguing,” says Heinz, “People don’t understand it. It’s hard to get a grasp on something like this particularly with some of the details of what happened to Mr. Hood.”

Money was determined to be the motive but Giles says that doesn’t make sense either. “She wasn’t listed as a beneficiary on his pension, on his life insurance.”

Carolyn Hood remains in a Montgomery nursing home. Giles believes she still doesn’t know what really happened or that she could have faced the death penalty, “Each time it was brought up she would just talk about how much she missed him.”

Capital murder charges against William Minton are now in question. He is set to go on trial in October.

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