Teacher Panhandles for School Supplies

TULSA, OK (KOKI/CNN) A Tulsa teacher is making a bold statement about the state of education as she pleads for money at a local intersection in order to pay for classroom supplies.

Teresa Danks is a third grade teacher in the Tulsa Public Schools systems. As a result of serious education budget cuts, Danks says she is now spending between $2,000 and $3,000 of her $35,000 salary on supplies for her students.

Oklahoma ranks nearly last in teacher pay when compared to other states across the U.S. “It all adds up week after week and month after month,” Danks said. “So, it’s a huge need.”

 Danks says she decided to ask the public for help after she learned lawmakers weren’t going to help her.

In six minutes Tuesday, the veteran teacher made $55 standing on the street corner near 193rd East Avenue and I-44, more than double what she makes per hour in the classroom.

Danks says she was overwhelmed by the response, and she became emotional talking about it.

She says her unusual fundraising style not just about the money, but she says she is setting out to bring awareness to the budget cut crisis and how it affects Oklahoma’s education system.

Danks says she hopes that other teachers will join her in the effort.

 She urges people to donate to their local schools, because she believes other teachers are likely in similar situations.

If you would like to contact Danks, you can email her here

She released a list of needed supplies Wednesday:

“Local Friends, 

“With more budget cuts to our schools, I am in need of some help. If you already have, would be willing to save up for me, donate or sell cheaply for the 2017-18 school year it would be greatly appreciated. Just comment if you are able to help. Thanks so much.” 

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