OWA’s Wording On Weight Restrictions Upsets Some Park-Goers

Rollin' Thunder Courtesy: The Park at OWA

FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Just like the Rollin’ Thunder roller coaster, there have been a few ups and downs in the first days of Baldwin County’s new amusement park.

In its efforts to keep park goers safe, OWA has offended some women by its choice of words on size and weight restrictions.

After News 5 called OWA, the park has already taken action to change that policy.

OWA has changed its wording of its size and weight policy and is apologizing to offended fans.

The first policy that is listed is overall weight restrictions for “all guests,” but it also then said specifically for females, that they couldn’t weigh more than 200 pounds, or be a size 18 or larger.

New 5 contacted OWA and asked them if it was a typo on the website, they later replaced the policy with a new one.

The new policy simply states you must meet the minimum height and all other safety requirements for each ride.

The numbers and sizes that caused the online criticisms are gone, replaced by a more neutral policy pertaining to riders of certain body types.

Tonight, OWA released a statement saying, “It was never our intent to offend any person or group by the language in our Rider Safety Restrictions.”

“Due to manufacturer requirements of the rider restraint systems, guests of particular body types, may not be accommodated on some of our rides. Safety is the number one concern.”


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