Live Traffic Blog

6:54 A.M. – Looking at your Monday morning can you crossing the Bayway and Causeway continues to look pretty good but traffic volume has picking up headed towards Mobile.  Through the tunnels accident-free but a fender bender at Moffett Road and Wolf Ridge still being worked by Mobile police.  In downtown Pensacola continue to expect heavy delays as we’ve been telling you about that broken down train.  It’s 11,000 feet long (that’s over two miles) and is blocking intersections like 9th Avenue and Gregory, Alcaniz and Wright and other surrounding intersections in that area. It still is going to be awhile before they get that moved while being probably through drive time this morning.  Also accidents in Pensacola as well including North Palafox at East Fairfield Drive and North Davis at bloodsworth Lane both blocking the roadway .

6:31 A.M. – Updating your Monday morning commute, we’re still looking good on the Bayway and Causeway right now without any accidents or delays there. In Mobile a new fender bender Mobile police on the scene Moffett at Wolf Ridge so watch for a little delay there.  Coming down I-65 we look good and in Pensacola expect heavy delays in the downtown area.  There is a broken down train its 11,000 ft long and it’s blocking intersections like 9th Avenue at Gregory Street, Alcaniz and Wright and others as well. Expect heavy delays if you have to travel through that area. It’s going to still be at least 2 hours until it is moved out of the way.

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