Foley Woman Jailed On Prescription Drug, Forgery Charges

FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Surveillance images show 25-year-old Jayni Krebs doing what many people do every day, filling a prescription. But according to police, the prescription didn’t come from a doctor.

“She was able to steal prescription pads and write out forged prescriptions in family members names,” says Foley Police Captain Thurston Bullock.

Twelve of them in all, over the last four months.

“She was attempting to get Percoset in this particular case which is a controlled substance,” says Bullock.

What may be most surprising is where Bullock says Krebs was able to get her hands on a prescription pad. “She actually worked at the South Baldwin Urgent Care in Gulf Shores. She was an employee there.”

Police say Krebs took the scripts to the same pharmacy and as suspicions grew, police were called. “Pills are one of the most abused drugs around and there is an epidemic of it right now,” says Bullock. “So we see a lot of forged prescriptions, a lot of abuse via pain pills.”

Krebs now faces two dozen drug charges and 12 forgery charges. She is being held in the Baldwin County Jail on 102 thousand dollars bond.

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