Family Speaks After Deadly Fire in Pensacola

PENSACOLA, Florida (WKRG) — Quentin Nuniss is picking up the wooden pieces burned after his family home caught on fire in the 4500 block a Havre Drive. He says he was the one who heard the fire and urged everyone to get out early Sunday morning.

“I was asleep and I heard a crackling and popping sound so I jumped up off the couch and went into the kitchen to basically see what it was,” says Nuniss.

And it was flames coming from the master bedroom.

“We don’t know how the fire started, that is still under investigation, basically after it flamed up, this is where I lost my step father, they found him near the bathroom,” says Nuinss.

Dianne Perkins says materials things can be replaced, but losing her husband, 76 year old Charles Perkins is a painful loss.

“Two losses, total home and a husband, so whatever anyone can do to help me right now.” says Perkins.

To make matters worse the home caught fire again Sunday night, causing more damage.

The Perkins are concerned after they didn’t have working smoke detectors in the home.

“You really need to check them at least every 3-6 months, to make sure they are working properly, and if they not working properly you need to change them out,” says Nuniss.

For now the family just says they need the support of the community and help of their faith to get them through.

“Cause I am hurting real real bad, I’m hurting,” says Perkins.


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