Community Rallies to Find Dogs Homes Following Baldwin Shelter Surge

Here are some of the 14 dogs that had to be cared for today.

Summerdale, AL (WKRG)

People working at the Baldwin County Animal shelter seem to be making room for an unusually large number of dogs that had to be dropped off today. In a way, you could call this a miracle Monday. They were expecting and got an unusually high number of dogs dropped off in one day. 14 dogs that are coming from a homeowner in the Bay Minette area who fell ill last week and can no longer care for them. Eight adult dogs and six puppies in total. They’re all terrier mixes except for one Labrador mix.  Officials say the worked hard to figure out where they can house the dogs. They’re already at capacity. They also wanted to try and find homes or room for the new dogs. They say for the most part the community has responded.

Kevin Kiser, Animal Control Director: “Very good response from the public as far as this crisis already had one person calling about their dog to come pick it up, have several calls on the answering machine about people wanting to help so we appreciate the story from Channel 5,” said Animal Control Director Kevin Kiser.  Officials here say the dogs appeared to be well cared for and say there will be no charges filed against the owner who could no longer care for them.  The Baldwin County Animal Shelter hasn’t had to euthanize a healthy dog since December of 2015. The director says he’s optimistic that streak will continue despite the unusually large influx of dogs this morning.

Officials are optimistic they’ll be able to make room.
Eight dogs were adults and six were puppies

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