What’s Working: Motorcycle Shop Owner Teaching Bikers Repair Skills

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Sometimes the best way to something, is to do just do it yourself. That is the philosophy of a local motorcycle shop owner. In tonight’s What’s Working, you will see him teaching people how to work on their own bikes, without spending a fortune. Jean Paul Stassi is the owner of Moto-Tech. He opened the motorcycle repair shop six months ago on Highway 90.

Customer, Alan Pinkstaff, has been bringing his bike into the shop for the past six months. He says Stassi is always willing to work with him on price. “He just sets it up where if you can’t pay him, you can work on it. He sets it up where he supplies the tools and the lift. Like today, I am using his lift.” Customer Roderick Latimer says Moto-Tech is completely different than most shops. He is able to come into the repair areas and watch the mechanics as they work. That way, he can learn what they are doing if he needs to do it himself next time. “It’s a family oriented shop. The fact that he cares. You can call him at midnight and get a tire. At other shops, they are not going to get out of bed to make sure you are okay.”

Stassi says it’s always been his dream to own a shop, where he is constantly teaching people how to care for their own motorcycles, and how to ultimately be safe on the road. He enjoys seeing customers interact and teach one another helpful tips.”I would not know what I know now if I didn’t have someone to teach me what I needed to know.”

Stassi charges a small fee to rent a space to work on your own bike.

Moto-Tech is located at 3747 Government Blvd Unit A.


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