The Park at Owa Begins with a Bang

About three thousand guests got to enjoy what the general public will get to experience when the amusement park opens Friday. It is part of a multi-million dollar entertainment development in Foley made possible by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians economic development authority.

The signature feature is the rollercoaster Rollin’ Thunder that had long lines waiting for the two-minute thrill. Tim Martin who heads CIEDA, Creek Indian Enterprise Development Authority, says it is a ride that will keep customers coming back for more. “That first part, when you’re going up that 110 feet you’re nervous. Then, after that’s it’s over and then you’re like wow, let’s do it again.”

He calls advanced ticket sales aggressive and plans to expand the amusement park if demand warrants. “If these go over like we believe they will I have 14 acres of extra land right next to it. You’re going to see green spaces right in here that we can almost 50 percent increase the ride count in here without even expanding but we hope to expand with another big roller coaster or something like that.”

The evening ended with a champagne toast to all who made the development possible and a huge fireworks display putting an exclamation point on a night of celebration and gratitude.

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