Man is Arrested on Felony Charges After Police say he Shot and Killed an Alligator

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — 32-year-old Mathew Cone, is facing felony charges after police say he shot and killed an alligator at the Leisure Lakes R.V. park in Pensacola and the people who live in the small park say they heard the shot.

“We were sitting out here listening to nature like we always do and we heard a gunshot,” says Faler.

Once they heard a shot, they saw Cone asking for help to reel in the gator.

“I went up and took photos of him and his car and him himself, and he come around asking for people to help him get the gator out,” says Faler.

Once Faler and her friend said no, the next day, they saw the gator floating near the shoreline.

“Shot a big old hole in his head…the fact that it was just a baby, it was only about 4 feet long,” says Faler.

Cone was booked into the Escambia County jail on July 13th, even though people who live here say the incident happened in late May.

Neighbors say there was no reason to kill the gator. It never threatened them.

“It would float out on the back side of the lake, wouldn’t mess with anybody, minded it’s on p’s and q’s, other than that it kind of stay in the water and chilled out, I think it may have caught a couple of baby ducks, and stuff, like that but it was keeping nature in balance,” says Faler.

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